I'm a Sexologist. Ask me anything relating to STI's, Sexual health and Relationships.

Heidi Gee
May 13, 2018

Hi folks, I'm Heidi and 

I believe everyone is entitled to a fulfilling sex life no matter an individual’s background, gender or sexual preference. I specialise in supporting people diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV , working with couples and also assisting people to address sexual issues like sexual dysfunctions.

I understand the sensitivity and difficulty people experience when dealing with sexual issues so I want this to be platform where people feel comfortable to ask me anything relating to sexual health. 






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What are the most common topics that you encounter in your clinical work for women?
May 20, 1:41AM EDT0
What prompts women to come to your health center?
May 20, 12:56AM EDT0
For all the busy people out there, what tips do you have for overcoming a lack of energy in order to keep sex a priority?
May 19, 8:45PM EDT0
Is there any connection that you see between how a woman feels about her body and her sexual experiences?
May 19, 8:15PM EDT0
How does an individual overcome the stigma of genital herpes?
May 18, 5:53AM EDT0
How do you counsel a client who has been recently diagnosed with an STI to overcome his/her fears of entering the dating world again?
May 18, 12:50AM EDT0
Have you ever had counseling sessions with couples who have an age disparity between them of 15+ years?
May 17, 10:53PM EDT0
What if my partner thinks I will get tired of them after a few years into our relationship? What type of sex therapy counseling session could assist with this insecurity?
May 17, 8:00PM EDT0
Are sexuality and sexual health the same concept?
May 15, 5:25AM EDT0

I have written an article on this 


May 15, 6:24AM EDT0
How does one become a sexologist? How did you fall into this career?
May 15, 12:26AM EDT0

I think sex therapy found me. It was not something I ever thought about doing. As part of my placement during my first degree I did sexual health Counselling because it was the only placement I could get. To my surprise I loved it so much and developed a passion to educate people in an area that’s not discussed enough and is sometimes considered taboo

May 15, 1:41AM EDT0
Is sex a crucial element of a successful relationship?
May 14, 7:10PM EDT0

Communication and intimacy are crucial elements in a relationship. Everyone has different interpretation of what sex is and means to them. There are couples who don’t have sex and are content.  It is important to communicate needs and both parties be heard. Understand each other’s needs when it comes to sex,explore , be respectful and have fun. 

May 15, 1:58AM EDT0
What are the most common STIs people suffer from?
May 14, 1:59PM EDT0

It varies depending on country and communities. The most common I've come across are chlamydia, syphilis , herpes and HIV

May 15, 6:07AM EDT0
Is it a good idea to watch porn to heat things up?
May 14, 12:05PM EDT0

If both/all parties are comfortable then it is however I dont think it should be relied on but ok to mix things up

May 15, 6:08AM EDT0
What happens during a sex therapy session?
May 14, 9:47AM EDT0

The presenting issues are discussed and worked on. Sometimes homework is given to couples and individuals 

May 15, 6:10AM EDT0
What could be the reasons a person has a low libido?
May 14, 9:22AM EDT0

Libido is a bit of a mystery, some reasons could be hormones, envionment, age, trauma or medication.

May 15, 6:11AM EDT0
What are your thoughts on the use of sex toys?
May 14, 3:28AM EDT0

Sex toys can be fun and a great way to spice up things in the bedroom

May 14, 7:53AM EDT0
Do you consult online as well as in person? How long does a consultation usually last?
May 14, 3:03AM EDT0

Yes I consult both online and in person. Sessions go for 55 mins

May 14, 7:47AM EDT0
What are the factors that determine if a person is fit to go to sex therapy?
May 14, 12:07AM EDT0

Not sure what you mean by 'fit to go to sex therapy'. Sex therapy is for any couple or individual who might be stuck/having difficulties in relationships/ sexual health 

May 14, 7:48AM EDT0
What are the issues people discuss with you most often? Is there a common issue for men and one for women?
May 13, 11:27PM EDT0

I get a variety of issues that are presented in therapy from erectile dysfunction to low sex drive. The most common would have to be mismatched libido

May 14, 7:49AM EDT0
Do you offer therapy for couples?
May 13, 8:38PM EDT0

I offer therapy for couples and indiviuals face to face and online 

May 14, 7:50AM EDT0
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