I'm Rocketcat, and I write and animate pornography. Ask me anything.

Mar 12, 2018

I'm part of a niche online community of deviants producing pornography almost always based on popular video games. I'll take any questions, ('how do you live with yourself?', 'you're a disgusting creep, aren't you?'  included), but I'm mostly interested in talking for an unnecessarily long time about the role of socio-politics in influencing my work and engagement with the wider community

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How many hours a week do you spend on your animations and how do you determine which game you would like to convert into a porn animation?
Mar 17, 1:01PM EDT0

It depends on when I can find the time, and what kind of animation I'm doing. If I have no other commitments that day and it's a relatively short loop animation, I'll work on it until it's done, which is usually about four - six hours. For longer animations I'll work from when I get up to when I go to bed - not constantly, I just have the animation open and I'll spend a few hours at a time doing it and then go and do something else for a while. It's hard to estimate how much time that is cumulatively, but it's quite a lot

It's less based on the game than it is based on the characters I want to use. Zoey from Left 4 Dead is always a constant favourite because she's my favourite character ever, but it's usually based on the characters I've enjoyed in a game recently. I've recently replayed Alien: Isolation and I really love Amanda Ripley and Nina Taylor, so when I have more time I'll likely be making something cute with them. Fitting that pairing into the story of the gaming is pretty much impossible though, so I'll have to spend some time thinking about that 

Mar 17, 1:38PM EDT0
Which animators do you admire the most and how have you incorporated that admiration into your own animations?
Mar 15, 6:55PM EDT0

LordAardvark is probably the most obvious answer. He's been around for a long time and he makes most of the models everyone uses, including me. He's a nice enough guy too, and we're collaborating on a project at some point in the future (I'm composing the music for his Hiveship film). Mostly what admire about him and his work is his dedication to making what he wants to see, regardless of whether it's sensible or even if it seems impossible. If something he needs for an animation doesn't exist, he'll just make it, which is the kind of stubbornness I really like. While I'm not as technically capable as him, my interpretation of that is to stubbornly refuse to allow an animating program to beat me, even if what I'm trying to do is impossible

Other than that, commander-hot-pants, who is possibly one of the finest people I know. She doesn't animate that much, but she has a very active, very very good story/comic series called Chasing The Sun, which I've recommended in another reply. I admire her story-telling ability possibly more than any other artist, and it's pretty clear she shares my belief that sex is extremely useful for characterisation. She also has something similar to Aardvark's perseverance but if anything I admire her more, because she works around the limitations of the animating program in a more creative way that I relentlessly copy. The thing I've incorporated most from commander-hot-pants, however, is commander-hot-pants herself, because she's also an excellent voice actress 

Last edited @ Mar 16, 12:01PM EDT.
Mar 16, 12:00PM EDT0
What are you doing to keep current in animation technology?
Mar 14, 10:17AM EDT0

I'm not, I'm using the same animating program as I always have and likely always will. This is because most other animators also use it - there are a few who've made the switch to Maya or Blender, and some still using the old XNA program. The audience doesn't seem to be dwindling so there's no need to spend time learning a new engine. Source Filmmaker can be produce some pretty high-fidelity stuff - if you're good with it and have time and patience, anyway

Mar 14, 10:34AM EDT0
As an animator, what do you believe is your best asset?
Mar 14, 8:56AM EDT0

Definitely facial expressions. I'm weirdly naturally good at representing them, and a lot of the time I think expressions do most of the work in making pornographic animation exciting

Mar 14, 10:31AM EDT0
Are you planning to branch into other kinds of pornography one day?
Mar 12, 9:25AM EDT0

Not really, I'm not comfortable with the mainstream porn industry on the whole. I much prefer keeping things strictly fictional really

Mar 12, 9:45AM EDT0
Why have you chosen the pseudonym 'Rocket Cat'?
Mar 12, 8:40AM EDT1

Because I am a rocket-powered kitty.

The actual answer involves a childhood pet and Elton John. I used to pick the poor cat up and run around the room holding him while singing along to the classic, excellent 1972 song Rocket Man, except I changed the words in the chorus - because even then I was a comedy genius - to 'Rocket Cat, eating all the mice in the house'. It just kinda stuck in the end

Mar 12, 9:11AM EDT0
You mention engagement with the wider community. Which community do you refer to and how do does what you do engage with them?
Mar 12, 7:17AM EDT0

The community of other pornographic artists and fans, mostly on Tumblr. There's a lot of intra-community politics I try and stay out of, but the community can be extremely toxic. I'm a socialist, and I don't shy away from making my politics obvious in my work, and the majority of the community are centrists or right-wing so a lot of my engagement with them is... antagonistic. I've had a fair amount of very unpleasant messages from a few people, usually for my overt disgust with the oppressive politics of capitalism and my support and representation of minorities

That said, those people that are nice in the community are reliably wonderful, accepting people (I feel compelled to mention amethystasari.tumblr.com, who is especially lovely) and I have a great deal of respect for them

Mar 12, 7:38AM EDT0
Of all the video games that you have turned into porn so far, which one was the most difficult and challenging? Why?
Mar 12, 2:24AM EDT0

I've mentioned in other replies that Left 4 Dead is a tricky one because it's difficult to find space in the game narrative for pornography, but as a general rule I don't really adapt anything that doesn't lend itself to pornographic adaptation naturally, because I'm personally not interested in trying to fit sexual content into where it doesn't belong

For example: a while ago, I was running a comic set between Mass Effect 1 and 2, and I had to be very careful about which characters were and when and who they met to avoid screwing up the chronology of the established game. It annoyed me enough that I put the project on ice indefinitely 

Mar 12, 5:40AM EDT0
How long have you been doing it? Do you need to be highly creative to pull out ideas in this line of business?
Mar 11, 4:29PM EDT0

I've been doing it for about three years now, but I started out just with stills and then loop animation. Writing and longer-form animation is a much more recent development, within the last 18 months or so

Creativity is important, and I rely very heavily on it, especially when I'm writing an original story with original characters. Personally, I feel that characters in pornography should absolutely be as thoroughly fleshed out as they would be in a 'serious' work of literature or film. And even without that, just the process of making a good, interesting animation requires creativity as well as technical skills. You need to have an artistic feel for lighting and camera framing, especially if you want to make your animation stand out visually

Mar 11, 4:37PM EDT0
What influenced you to start writing and creating animate pornography? How has Japanese anime influenced your work?
Mar 11, 1:41PM EDT0

The big thing that made me start was that the porn I wanted to see didn't really exist. Mainstream porn is fine, but I didn't really care about the people in it, and just watching people have sex eventually started to bore me (also I don't really date any more, I'm much happier single). This is where animated porn came in for me, because it featured characters I was familiar with. Compared to mainstream porn, I had a better emotional connection to the 'performers' because they weren't just being presented as objects. I got into animating first, and writing came later when I eventually wanted a stronger story around what I was making

Anime hasn't actually influenced me at all actually, at least not consciously. I never got into it as a genre. Plus from what I know about the art style, it doesn't seem like it would influence my pornographic work much anyway. Unrealistic proportions tend not to interest me

Mar 11, 2:03PM EDT0
Are you concerned that the administration is going to crack down on the adult business someday?
Mar 11, 12:40PM EDT0

Absolutely, and I think it's beginning to happen already. Though I think the threat to the adult industry is a side effect rather than the main target. The push to end net neutrality will likely kill this community, as well as most other online art communities. Tumblr, where most of the community is based, is ultimately owned by Verizon, which (as well as supporting the FCC) is opposed to sexually explicit material, so Tumblr is already implementing reforms to the site that will ultimately result in adult content being either extremely difficult to find, or banned outright

However, I do think people are always going to want porn. And if there's a demand for it, there will be a community for it, somewhere. If Tumblr succeeds in shutting us all out, we'll just move somewhere else and word will get around the way it always does. More than any other, perhaps, the adult industry is stubborn as hell

Mar 11, 1:52PM EDT0
Where can people find your work online?
Mar 11, 12:20PM EDT0

It depends on what your looking for. My main blog is rocketcat15.tumblr.com, which occasionally has pornography on it but because I'm really busy working on long-term projects it's mostly a personal blog now.

The blog dedicated to my story-writing is rocketcatsmut.tumblr.com, which also features a lot of technical updates/complaining as I work on Fire Walker. Most of my stories are also hosted at archiveofourown.org/users/rocketcat15

I also have a pornhub account (pornhub.com/users/rocketcat15), which currently only has one video posted, but more will be coming at some point, hopefully soon(ish)

You can also email me at rocketcat15@gmail.com if you want to request a particular still image or a short loop animation 

Mar 11, 1:45PM EDT0
As the writer, do you choreograph the positions of characters on where they have sex in the story?
Mar 11, 10:03AM EDT0

Yes I do, particularly if I'm writing a prose story, in which case it's obviously all written out in extreme detail. If I'm writing a script though I usually list positions in the script, partly for the actors to know what they're going to be voicing later and partly for Future Rocket at the animating stage. Sometimes I don't have a full plan before I animate, at which point it will just say 'they have sex' in the script

Choreography is extremely important for this sort of thing, because of the restraints of the animating software, so it's probably one of the things I put the most thought into when I'm writing

Mar 11, 1:39PM EDT0
Are you a porn fan or is it about knowing that you could do something really creative of a high quality?
Mar 11, 9:56AM EDT0

It's more about the creativity for me. I got into making my own pornography because what I wanted to see (more character-focused art, particularly) didn't really exist when I started. Things have changed since then, but that's why I started. That said, I think everyone who spends time making their own is probably inherently a porn fan to begin with, so the answer is probably both

Mar 11, 1:34PM EDT0
What has been your favorite video game that you turned into animated porn?
Mar 11, 8:42AM EDT0

There are a lot to choose from for me. Like most artists in my field, I'm probably going to have to say Mass Effect. It has a pretty varied cast of characters (though not a great deal of non-white representation, because video games are all embarrassingly racist), so the possibilities for adaptation are nearly endless.

One of my adaptations - now abandoned for the foreseeable future, sadly - was a cross-over of Mass Effect and Bioshock Infinite, which is one of my favourites for adaptation because the game's multiverse theory is an excuse to put the characters in any other franchise without it being jarring

I'd like to answer Left 4 Dead, because Zoey is my favourite game character of all time. Adapting it presents a unique challenge though, since the events of the game don't leave the characters a lot of downtime for sexual activity. Adaptations have to be prequel or sequel stories, which does lend a fair amount of creative freedom. Ultimately though this is less an adaptation of the game and more a pornographic study of a character I find really interesting, so the answer is probably still Mass Effect because adapting that retains most of its tone and visual style 

Mar 11, 9:02AM EDT0
Are you interested in directing at some point?
Mar 11, 8:19AM EDT0

I already direct a little. The thing about making this kind of pornography is that it's difficult to collaborate effectively, so I've had to learn how to do everything. I've directed one 3-minute short, as well as briefly acting in it, animating it, editing it and composing and recording music for it. I did have a sound designer and two actors to direct though, and the process is pretty stressful. It's usually done through a voice call for the non-explicit parts of the script, which the actor records while I listen in and give pointers. Then for the pornographic parts, I animate them first and send work-in-progress copies to the actors for dubbing

Mar 11, 8:51AM EDT0
Talking about the business side of things, do you have a website ? How do you make money?
Mar 11, 3:47AM EDT0

I don't monetise my work, but the people that do all do it in a similar way. Firstly, it's not very common to have a dedicated website. LordAardvark is the only artist I personally follow who has one. The best way to share art is through social media, and the best platform for image sharing is Tumblr, so almost all pornographic 3D artists use that, and it's not uncommon to have more than one blog - mine are rocketcat15.tumblr.com and rocketcatsmut.tumblr.com, and I can also  be found at archiveofourown.org/users/rocketcat15 and pornhub.com/users/rocketcat15 - to maximise the amount of people who are going to find your work. The business side of this is about exposure more than anything else, so getting eyes on your art is the single most important element and people spread themselves around the internet to make sure that happens

Patreon is how people make money, almost exclusively. A few people have Paypal donate buttons, but it's rare. For those that don't know Patreon, it's a service that allows fans to give an artist or creator a few dollars, either once every month or when they post something new, in return for rewards based on how much they're giving. In the animated pornography business, that usually means access to un-watermarked or higher resolution renders, early access to content before it's publically released, patron-only content, voting or requests for specific art - the list is basically endless. It's fairly difficult to make a living from it, but even a tiny fanbase can generate at least some revenue if you market yourself right

Mar 11, 6:51AM EDT0
What are the main challenges in turning a popular video game into an animated pornography? How did you determine which part of the original story should stay and where to include sexual content?
Mar 10, 6:00PM EST0

The biggest challenge is finding the models to do it with. Before I can animate I need a nude version of a character model, which someone has to build by porting the original model and modifying it. A lot of the models around are low quality, which immediately tables some ideas until someone decides to make a better model

The usual approach to fitting porn into the established canon of the game is actually just to make the pornography a possibility in the game. This is why Mass Effect is so popular - it's got so many branching story paths that almost any sex scene you want to make is a possibility in that universe. Usually this approach leaves the viewer to fill in where the scene goes in the story, but some people (including me) like to give a bit of context. 

The other approach is to write an alternate version of the story to include more sexual content in such a way that the story is completely changed. Both sides have fun advantages and disadvantages really, but in the end I find both a little restrictive and I'm beginning to branch out away from pornographic adaptations into writing my own stories, and just using established game models as actors for my own original characters

Mar 10, 6:16PM EST0
What are you currently working on?
Mar 10, 5:28PM EST1

Ah, my favourite question 

I'm currently working on Fire Walker, a sprawling erotic original sci-fi series set in the far future when humanity has colonised a new solar system. Following a bloody civil war between Earth's System Federation and the Colonial Alliance, the series follows the crew of a civilian trader ship led by an ex-Federation soldier and her quest for redemption. And also to get laid a whole lot. 

It's currently still in its early stages, and my plan is to run the first season as a series of episodic short stories, and then follow it up with a feature-length, fully-voiced, animated movie. The script is written and the characters have been cast, and now I'm steadily chipping away at the stories and the animation for the film 

Mar 10, 5:46PM EST0
What is the most difficult part of writing an animated porn script?
Mar 10, 5:01PM EST0

The hardest part when writing a script is visualising how things are going to work when I come to animate it. I have to consider the mechanics of animating, and what is and isn't possible within the constraints of the engine. Particular positions or acts might make sense for the character in the script, but would be impossible to animate

For prose writing, the difficulty is just in writing the sex scenes themselves. There are only so many words in the English language to describe sex, and I think I've used them all now. In scripts I just write 'Abigaile and Sander have sex', and leave the rest up to Future Rocket at the animating stage

The most significant difficulty in general is striking the balance between sex and story. Too little story, the sex isn't interesting. Too little sex, everyone gives up and watches something else

Mar 10, 5:15PM EST0
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