Independent adult model Camille Campbell #AMA Ask me anything!

Camille Campbell
Aug 24, 2018

My name is Camille Campbell but you can call me Cam or Cammi. I'm just your typical amateur webcam model/ clip seller/ social media personality trying to make it in this world as an independent adult content creator. 

I decided to do this #AMA or "Ask Me Anything" because as much as I feel like I am pretty intimate with my audience and clients, I have never taken the time to sit down and answer questions about myself or job. I am an open book so anything goes really and I will try to answer all questions to my best ability!

My twitter is @thecustomplug and you can see more of me & all of my other websites there!

I plan on hosting this event for the entire week!

Camille Campbell says:

This AMA will end Aug 31, 2018 , 11:59 PM EDT

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What does it take to make it in a tough industry like the adult business? What important lessons have you learned so far?
Aug 31, 10:01PM EDT56

I think it really takes a tough skin to make it in the adult business. There is a lot of negativity and criticism directed at people in the industry and you need to be able to handle both. Also, you need to be smart with your money and time! I think one important thing that I have learned is that you need to be confident and put yourself out there. I have always been one to "fly under the radar" and that has definitely affected my growth for sure. 

Sep 2, 12:26AM EDT0
What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your body?
Aug 31, 9:12PM EDT1

Ohhhhh! Juicy question! I am happy to answer :)


Eyes, nipples, butt, vag, feet!

Least favorite:

Tits, belly, legs.

Sep 2, 12:21AM EDT0

Are the porn auditions on tube sites real or fake? How to know the difference between one or the other?

Aug 31, 10:45AM EDT1

I guess it depends on the studio! Some people go for the "authentic" approach while others go for a script or "roleplay". I don't know exactly how to tell the difference to be honest. I guess the best way to find out is to get to know your favorite studio and do some research on the way they run things!

Sep 2, 12:09AM EDT0
Are there any celebrities from the sex industry that you admire or follow?
Aug 30, 4:04PM EDT1

Most definitely!! I admire everyone that I follow on twitter or that I meet in person. I really do enjoy watching people in the industry creating their art and making a living off of it. I'm always looking for new people to admire as well :) 

Sep 2, 12:05AM EDT0
What have you learn about yourself after you started to webcam?
Aug 30, 10:55AM EDT1

I have learned a lot about myself after I started webcamming! I have learned to love my body because others love my body. I have also learned to be more grateful for the things I have. I have talked to so many people who don't have it as good as me who work their asses off and still spend their money on my services. I can never thank them enough for that kind of support! Lastly, I have learned to accept all different types of people. My mind is even more open to the "weirder" things in life. We all want to be accepted and I think we are a lot more comfortable being ourselves online. 

Sep 2, 12:02AM EDT0
What has been your most memorable experience while web camming?
Aug 30, 5:35AM EDT1

It is VERY hard to pick just one moment!! There have been so many wonderful moments between me and my cam room. I guess a few would be:

1. Squirting on my computer during a private show.

2. My birthday on cam in 2015. I had made the most money I ever made that month and that was the 1 and only time I ever cried on cam. I was just so grateful that so many people cared enough to spend money on me / time with me on my birthday. 

3. A few of the people who talked to me my first few months ever on cam who still talk to me today. I love you guys and thanks for being my friend & supporting me for so long :) 

Sep 1, 11:54PM EDT0
In your opinion, how important is sex in a relationship?
Aug 29, 8:31PM EDT1

Sex is very important in a relationship!! But it doesn't have to be limited to daily genital-genital sex. Even small things like risky pictures and texts can go a long way. Making someone feel special, wanted and comfortable are key when it comes to intimacy. Sharing something that you wouldn't share with others is something that I enjoy although I will admit that it is hard to do so in this industry. 

Sep 1, 11:43PM EDT0
Do you think that people who watches Internet adult content regularly can turn into addicts or perverts?
Aug 29, 6:49AM EDT1

I think anything can be addicting. You really do need self-control when you're watching a lot of internet adult content regularly if it's hindering your life in any way, especially if money is involved. Otherwise, enjoy being a pervert! I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying adult content regularly as long as you're not hurting yourself or others. 

Sep 1, 11:31PM EDT0
Have you been cyberbullied or shamed for web camming and how do you deal with bullies and critics?
Aug 29, 2:02AM EDT1

I don't think I've ever been fully cyberbullied for what I do but I have been criticized and slightly "shamed" for it. I think people just assume that we're all in it for the attention and that we're too lazy to go out and get a "real" job. In reality, we all have something that is keeping us from struggling every day during a 9-5 for minimum wage. Profiting off of the sexualization of our bodies is the easier route for us. If there is a demand for the supply, we will always be there. To deal with bullies I have just accepted that the critics are not fully educated and if they choose to be ignorant or close-minded that's on them. There are plenty of open-minded and accepting people out there. 

Sep 1, 11:28PM EDT0
Would you be interested in expanding your career into the porn industry? What are your thoughts?
Aug 28, 4:00PM EDT1

I used to be extremely against this in the beginning... I just didn't like how people would approach me like I HAD to do professional porn in order to be happy & successful in the industry and how people look at you as a cash making opportunity before a person. Now that I have met more people in professional porn and gotten some first hand insight, I have learned that there are a lot of people out there who will make you feel like family. They encourage everyone in their circle, build them up and at the end of the day they're trying to make money while having fun. Times are changing as well! I think it is more accepted to choose your own path and say no to certain opportunities these days. I will never say "never" but I would like to work on my image & self confidence before considering becoming a more professional model :)

Aug 28, 5:00PM EDT0
What is your biggest sexual fantasy?
Aug 28, 6:25AM EDT1

I'm not sure if this is my biggest "sexual" fantasy but I've always wanted to try Nyotaimori. I want people to eat sushi off of my naked body... 

Aug 28, 4:52PM EDT0
Do you prefer live sessions or clips? Which is your favorite clip site and why?
Aug 27, 6:35PM EDT1

I 100% prefer live sessions over clips! I am a natural entertainer & pleaser. I like getting live reactions out of people. I think I am a terrible actress and am awkward on camera... also I giggle WAY too much! I adapt, though and find ways to enjoy clip making as well. I like editing :)

Aug 28, 4:43PM EDT0
Have you ever refused to do something while doing your cam sessions? If yes what was it? What's the strangest request you've received?
Aug 27, 5:43PM EDT1

I definitely refuse anything that's against website rules, anything that I don't feel comfortable with doing or anything I don't feel like doing. One day I might want anal and the next I won't. That's perfectly fine! Nothing is too "strange" to someone like me who likes strange. I guess one thing that was difficult to do was simulate a gang bang with a bunch of dildos and only my own two hands lol  

Aug 28, 4:40PM EDT0

Why did you become an adult model? Would you recommend it to a female friend if they feel like they’re up to it?

Aug 27, 3:18PM EDT2

I became an adult model because the money was good and it was more enjoyable work than working fast food & retail every day. I was already the type of person to send nude pictures and videos in my personal life, so I figured I might as well capitalize on that. I would definitely recommend it to female friends but I'm always 100% open and honest with them. You have to accept that everything you put on the internet will be there forever, and that you now are an independent contractor which comes with a lot of responsibility.

Aug 28, 4:37PM EDT0
How many views or fans do you get when you publish your videos? Have they ever made requests of you and if so, what’s the weirdest one you received?
Aug 26, 11:53PM EDT1

I don't ever get more than like 0-10k views or fans on anything. But that's fine because I like to stay more low key usually ;) I get a lot of requests all the time!!! There was always this one guy who wanted all of us girls to put craft cheese slices on our nipples... I could never tell if he was a troll or not but apparently a few people did it for him and he payed them lol

Aug 28, 4:31PM EDT0
Has anyone you know ever mentioned that they saw you in a cam session, and if so was it awkward?
Aug 26, 9:53PM EDT2

THIS is a juicy question!! Before I was "out" in my personal life I had a few people find my videos and twitter. The first couple times was awkward but then I realized that they are the ones seeking me out. I am honestly not bothered by people in my personal life knowing or seeing what I do for work as long as they're not throwing it in my face with ill intent. My family has been warned that I am naked on the internet and a lot of my personal friends actually support me.

Aug 28, 4:25PM EDT0
Do you have a boyfriend? If so, how does he feel about you camming?
Aug 26, 8:47PM EDT1

I do not at this moment in time, but I have dated while camming. I think it goes well as long as you both are open and accepting people. Communication is key! It's a very intimate job that is emotionally & physically demanding... not a lot of guys can handle that, which is completely fine. We are not all trying to be "saved" though. 

Aug 28, 4:19PM EDT0
How's your life outside the work? What do you enjoy otherwise?
Aug 26, 5:14PM EDT1

My life is pretty normal outside of work! I go to school as well so that takes up a good chunk of time. Otherwise I enjoy watching movies (scary or comedy), going outdoors, trying new food and exploring new places. I also enjoy crafting, gardening and baking at home!

Aug 28, 4:12PM EDT0
Where do you get your outfits to make your videos and from where do you get inspiration when creating a video, do you plan them out or do you go with the flow?
Aug 25, 4:27PM EDT1

I mainly get my outfits from Amazon :) They are affordable and look good on camera, especially if it's a crazy costume that you're not going to wear a lot of times. Otherwise whenever I'm out shopping I will pick something up that is cute!

Aug 26, 4:02PM EDT0

For videos my inspiration is either some idea that pops into my head, things that sell well or something that someone ordered as a custom video! I used to be more go with the flow but I have found it beneficial to at least have a basic layout/ blueprint for a video. 

My basic blueprint would be:

  • Have your main focus/ topic picked.
  • Have your outfit and setting picked.
  • Have a list of key points/ phrases you want to include or things you don't want to leave out of the video.
  • Play out the video in your head before filming.
Aug 26, 4:07PM EDT0

you mentioned avoiding burnout in a previous answer. when you decide to give yourself a day off, what would you really enjoy doing? how about if you took a week off?

Aug 25, 1:21PM EDT1

To be honest I hate to say I'm into "self care" but I so am!! I like going to the swap-meet, going to eat and doing a face mask at the end of the night. Now that I'm meeting new friends I have been enjoying hanging out with them a bit :) Everyone likes a good distraction from work. My ideal "week long vacation" would probably be traveling or having a staycation!

Aug 25, 3:45PM EDT0
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