Respectable Professional by Day, Gay Prostitute by Night. AMA

A Guy with a Secret
Jan 15, 2018

I'm a guy with a secret and a very surprising one to anyone who may know me. I'm a successful entrepreneur with two companies. An artist and a romantic. I've always been the attractive popular guy in excellent shape with a reputation for being the good guy and the nice guy, the guy with a nice smile that everyone wants to be around. I'm a hard worker, a curious soul, and an adventurer to say the least. My close friends all know that I'm a body positive and sex positive individual but none of them would guess my secret line of work. Something which has certainly shaped me to become the confident, successful, empathetic, and empowered person that I am today. I am a gay prostitute. AMA


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How do you manage to keep your privacy? Even in a big city secrets get around, especially when it involves meeting different people?

Jan 15, 9:59PM EST0

I use a fake name and separate email address until I have met the person. Even once I’ve met the person I typically don’t open up with my real name or any information about myself until I feel that I can trust them. At that point, there is a certain level of mutual respect and discretion that we have with each other. Keep in mind that a good portion of my clientele are also high profile individuals who also wouldn’t want anyone finding out about our arrangement. I’ve seen many of my clients out and about on the street, in some random public space, at the gym, etc and at most we’ll make eye contact, maybe exchange a smirk and then keep on moving like two people who have never met each other. 

Jan 15, 10:57PM EST0

Do you do it for the money, for the thrill for…?

Jan 15, 8:07PM EST0

I do it for the money, for the thrill, for the experience, for the adventure. I do it for the pleasure. I do it for the novelty. I do it to be naughty. I do it to rebel. I do it because I love sex. I do it to meet people, because I love people, because I’m simply fascinated by people. I do it because I love to be naked and vulnerable. I do it to learn and explore. I do it for the role play. I do it for the story. I do it because I love it. 

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Jan 15, 11:05PM EST1

How men and women differ in sex in your opinion?

Jan 15, 8:04PM EST0

Do you recommend to straight men trying sex with guys? Why?

Jan 15, 7:34PM EST0

My impulsive answer to this was going to be a resounding yes but here’s the thing, I don’t think anyone should feel obligated to do anything that they honestly have no interest in. The problem of course is that many straight men won’t admit -not even to themselves- that they at least have a curiosity to do anything sexual with another man. Sometimes the thought itself can be terrifying and result in an identity crisis. So many men feel that it would compromise their straight identity if they were to experiment. For many men sadly, that identity is a badge of honor; a mark of their normalcy, masculinity, and marketability. Society has taught us in large part that it’s a defining thing for a man to have sex with another man. That once you do, you’ve broken a seal, opened the doorway to gay and it’s only a matter of time. I think many straight men might also be scared to interact with another guy because deep down they’re mostly terrified that they’ll enjoy it. And what would that mean?! *gasp* Men aren’t afforded the luxury of experimenting without consequence the way women are usually. It can be a very significant thing both in the eyes of others and mostly to themselves. I wish more men would relax and not take it so seriously but obviously that’s just the patriarchy at play which many men have a difficult time detaching from (by no fault of their own I should add, it’s an oppressive system they were trained into which robs them of sexual liberties). There seems to be this huge weight of implications attached to doing anything sexual with a guy when there really doesn’t need to be. Men could easily use each other for casual fun, whether it’s a full on fuck buddy or even just someone to hang out with, watch some porn, and rub one out together. Then you just keep being the same damn friends you were without it having to be awkward or mean something. It all boils down to those nasty themes of fear and insecurity. A confident guy who is well tuned with his sexuality can certainly try his hand at all things that the wonderful world of sex has to offer in order to know himself better. It could be bdsm, roleplay, group sex, and yes, even sex with a man. You never know what you’re going to love until you try it. My advice is do it all. Even things that I was quite certain I wouldn’t enjoy, I still tried for the hell of it just for the experience. Sometimes I was right about my gut feeling and simply never did it again, other times, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Life is short. Have fun and get out of your head. 

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Jan 16, 7:11AM EST0

Will you post this AMA on craiglist as an insight to your profile? Is there anything here so far you were asked that you would not want your potential clients knowing?

Jan 15, 6:32PM EST0

Interesting question and certainly something I hadn't considered. I would be curious to see the response from potential clients but at the same time it probably wouldn't be wise. The more mysterious I can be at first the better. Often times people are looking for very specific fantasies. The guy who wants to be dominated and treated like shit would likely be turned off if he read what I wrote about empathy and connection. The couples might be put off if they knew I also did strictly gay work. The men who have a straight guy fetish would also be put off for the same reason. Everyone wants you to be something and I've gotten pretty good at understanding what that something is and then bringing that out of me to suit them. It's a exciting way to explore the different facets of myself. It's an acting job essentially and one that I have a lot of fun with. It's always best to give as little away as possible until you can really understand your clients desires and then play to them. 

Jan 15, 6:42PM EST0

Have you ever said no and walked out whilst on the job? Does it happen often? You mentioned you have couples as clients as well, are there many? What do the women do, isn't it odd getting a gay prostitute for a couple?

Jan 15, 6:21PM EST0

I've never walked out actually. I have a pretty thorough screening process to know if it's going to work out with someone before I meet them. I have certainly said no many times but I make my no's very clear and assertive so they know not to fuck with me or push my boundaries. Most of the no's are also dealt with before we ever meet. I've worked with quite a number of couples and these are by far my favorite experiences. I should add that I'm not actually gay and much prefer women but gay as I used it in the headline simply refers the majority of the work that I do and the role I generally play. I don't advertise myself as gay when it comes to couples so it's never awkward. 

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Jan 15, 6:31PM EST0
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Are you openly gay or is it just when you work at night?

Jan 15, 6:06PM EST0

Ironically, I'm actually much more into women than I am to men. I'm really only into guys in the physical sense but not in an emotional/romantic way. For example I don't like kissing men and wouldn't ever want to date one. I just appreciate their fit bodies and big cocks. I've heard this phrased as heteroflexible but labels are stupid anyways so I've stopped trying to classify it. That said, I'm totally open about my sexuality to anyone who cares to ask but almost everyone I know just assumes that I'm completely straight. It's quite amusing. If they only knew the half of it...

Jan 15, 6:23PM EST0

Do you have a favourite pose? Which one?

Jan 15, 3:06PM EST0

It depends on the person. If we're just fucking, the most likely doggystyle or anything from behind. However if it's someone I connect with emotionally then I like classic missionary because of the intimacy it allows. Honestly though, I don't like to stay in any one position for too long. Sex for me is fun when it keeps moving and changing. I like throwing people around and seeing what kind of weirdness we can get into. It's not mechanics, but a dance. All of this is assuming you're just referring to one on one sex. Some of my truly favorite positions are actually ones you will find in an mmf threesome. Examples would be spitroast, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl dp or dv, standing dp, spooning dp, and amazon dp. One of my favorite porn blogs called has a lovely guide to dp positions if you are otherwise unfamiliar. Some of them are certainly quite wild. Enjoy ;) Side note: To anyone out there who hasn't experienced double vaginal penetration, put it on your bucket list. It was our absolute favorite thing to do in a threesome when I was with my previous girlfriend. It feels absolutely incredible for everyone involved. For god's sake though, keep that lube handy and start off going slow. 

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Jan 15, 4:35PM EST0

Are you in a relationship? With a guy or a woman (if you are not - what would it be)?

Jan 15, 7:06AM EST0

I'm not currently. I actually just got out of a two year relationship with a wonderful girl. I don't date men because I'm not attracted to them in that emotional/romantic way. It's all physical with men for me. My ideal relationship with a guy extends to just hanging out on the couch as friends together side by side, throwing on some porn, rubbing our dicks, each other's dicks and maybe trading oral. I'm not into kissing or penetrative sex (despite doing the latter occasionally for work.) I did try dating one guy in college just to test the waters and challenge myself but it really wasn't fair to him. I used him as an experiment and it never felt quite right. We only dated for a few months and I eventually cheated on him with a girl which ended things. It's the only time I've ever cheated on anyone in my life. I won't sit here and say that a relationship with a man could never happen for me but to this day I have never felt the kind of chemistry and attraction with a man that I do with a woman. 

Jan 15, 9:14AM EST0

How do you find your clients? Are they always different? Is there a type you are after?

Jan 15, 7:05AM EST0

A lot of them I found through craigslist. You'll get one sane serious person out of every 50 on there so it's tedious work but I've learned how to screen people pretty well by now. Sometimes I just respond to ads by men or couples who say they can be "generous" or other times I'll post my own ad and get flooded with responses. I've also aqcuired clients who I've met at bars or other local scenes, at play parties, Grindr, and even had some that were referrals. I don't necessarily have a type although I'd rather everyone be in great shape with an awesome personality but that's obviously the exception and not the rule. 

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Jan 15, 9:03AM EST0

How do you find the time for everything? Running one business is quite a task, two even more so, how do you get enough time to sleep let alone do other things at night?

Jan 15, 6:48AM EST0

Sadly I have less and less time for it nowadays. I started my second company two years ago and since then it has definitely been hard to keep all the plates spinning but I do pride myself on organization and time management skills. I keep a rigorous schedule and my clients are just as much a part of that as my company work or going to the gym (under the tab "miscellaneous" of course in case anyone happens to see). As I mentioned in an earlier post, I don't actively seek out new clients nowadays. I just set up appointments when I can with old regulars who keep coming back. I don't see myself being able to do even that much longer though as I get busier and work requires me to travel more. For now though it's fun and lucrative so I'm living in the moment and embracing it while I've got it. 

Jan 15, 8:53AM EST0

When was the first time you did it with a guy? Do you have positive memories of it? How does it compare to the first time you did it with a woman?

Jan 15, 5:30AM EST0

I suppose it depends on what you mean by did it. My male friend and I were exchanging blowjobs in first grade before either of us even knew what sex or orientation were but just knew that it felt good to have our dicks sucked. We were willing to do each other the favor in order to get our turn. It was certainly a positive experience and as I grew older I also realized that I was damn good at it too so it became fun for me to do. I like making people feel good. A note on that by the way, I certainly feel lucky to have experienced sexual themes in a playful innocent way as a child before I had the burden of thinking about what it means to my identity and sexuality as a man. It has helped me to grow up not caring about labels, to embrace the humanity of it all, and to trust my instincts. It's a shame how many men don't engage with other men for fear of what it will make them and how society might perceive them. Now if you're talking about penetrative sex then my first time with a guy was in college. It was a positive experience in the sense that I was trying something new so that was exciting but honestly it was nothing to write home about. Surprisingly perhaps I'm not actually crazy about penetrative sex with men. I mean I do it of course and sometimes it's hot but most times it's just meh, whatever. I'm much more into women than I am men. That said though, my first time with a woman was peculiar to say the least. It happened when I was 17 years old and fast asleep. I had gone skinny dipping with one of my good friends that night and we went back to my place after and crashed in my bed together not feeling a need to put our clothes back on. As she tells me, she reached over and I was rock hard. She starting playing with me and says that I was making sounds and moaning so even though my eyes were closed she just thought I was enjoying it. Soon after she climbed on top and when I woke up I was already inside of her. It was shocking but exciting and of course felt amazing. My mind was blown by how good it felt. I remember thinking to myself "Oh my god! I'm having sex! And it feels fucking fantastic!!" It's not your average lose your virginity story but hell, it's certainly one for the books. Her and I would go on to be regular fuck buddies throughout high school. 

Jan 15, 8:44AM EST0

You seem quite comfortable with being a prostitute, how long do you think you will continue doing it for?

Jan 15, 2:54AM EST0

I'm certainly comfortable with it but at this time I honestly have no idea how long I'll continue. If I had to guess I would imagine that I will have moved on in roughly five years time but I could be wrong. It's difficult to juggle everything I am working on currently and I only see myself getting busier and travelling more. At this time I rarely seek out new clients and am usually just meeting up with people I have been with before whenever I can find time.

Jan 15, 3:47AM EST0

What is your rate? How do you define it?

Jan 14, 9:57PM EST0

This is a tricky question to answer because it varies depending on the person, what they can afford, what they want to do, and how long they want to spend time with me. I don't meet people for anything less than $100 even if it's just to give me a 15 minute blowjob or for them to watch me jerk off. On the other side of the spectrum, as I mentioned in an earlier question I've made thousands of dollars in just a few hours from guys who actually get off on being financially dominated and giving me their money. 

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Jan 15, 12:42AM EST0
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How has selling your body made you feel more confident and empathetic? Would you recommend it to others?

Jan 14, 2:38PM EST0

My work has allowed me to meet many men in a vulnerable and intimate way. Certianly not all of them have issues and are just regular horny guys looking for another piece of action, but a lot of them do have issues and seeing me is their only outlet. It's been an ongoing study in the affects of the patriarchy, toxic masculinity, machismo, internalized homophobia, and what it means to "be a man." We don't often consider straight men to also be victims of these wretched systems because on a surface level it gives them the upper hand in life. But believe me that some of them don't want that upper hand and are stressed, exhausted and suffering incredibly because they are not really expressing who they are and living a life that is true to themselves. So many men feel that engaging with another man challenges their masculinity, that it somehow has a significant bearing on their overall identity, that everyone will just think they are gay and women won't like them if they knew (don't even get me started on the stigmas of being bisexual.) I've been able to learn about and understand many men who are desperately lonely, who struggle with their identity and sexuality, who are in loveless marraiges lacking in intimacy. I've had men pay me just to listen to them. I've had men pay me just to let them cry on my shoulder. People just want to connect, they want to feel loved, they want to be needed and appreciated for who they are. The problem is that because of what society has engrained in us, many men secretly hate who they are. It kills me when I think about how many men I have met who are thriving in their professional lives and crumbling on the inside because they are disconnected from touch, intimacy, from their own bodies, and from their unique sexual expression. I've met so many men who choose me because I'm masculine and who feel the need to reassure me numerous times that they are also masculine and "straight" as if that's something I care about. They have all these ridiculous ideas of what certain actions with certain people implies to who they are. They worry about what society will think. And in the end, they hate themselves deep down for never having the courage to be themselves. Quite honestly, I believe everyone is on a spectrum and we all have gay thoughts. It's normal. Society has fucked us up with all of these stigmas and the same guys who perpetuate it don't even realize how much they are suffering from it. I have empathy for these men. I try not to comment on their situations but I do always try to share my own story and my own viewpoints. I share with them how liberating it is to not give a damn what anyone thinks. To never worry about labels. To do what you want and live your best life. Witnessing this crisis from the inside has allowed me to wholeheartedly embrace my sexuality, to be a symbol of what it is to live without fear in regards to what I find pleasurable and to reject whatever society has to say about it because it truly doesn't matter. I have always been in love with myself. Not in the narcissitic douchbag way but in the way that helps me to love, understand, and accept others. People see this in my professional life and that's exactly why I am as successful as I am. More people need to learn how to love themselves for everything that they are. I wish I could grab every questioning hurting man by the shoulders, shake them, and say "Fuck what they want. Fuck what they tell you you should be. Be you. Just be fucking you. We need you for that. That's why you're really here."

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How did you get to do it? When was the first time you got paid for sex? Was it planned?

Jan 14, 2:36PM EST0

My first time doing it was when I was 22 and struggling to pay for college. The story begins years earlier though when I was around 15 years old. My step mom introduced me to craigslist and made it a point to say "this is the personals section. Don't EVER go here." Like any rebellious teenager who is told not to do something without being given a solid understandable reason, I of course went to browse that section as soon as I found the chance. It was an amazing thing and I was absolutely hypnotized and captivated by it. It was interesting to see what different people were looking for. I would often go back to read through them from time to time as a sort of objective study on sexuality. Sometimes I was absolutely shocked and repulsed by some of the requests but other times I found myself very turned on. When I left home for college I had toyed with the idea of answering some ads to see if the correspondence was just as interesting as the posts themselves. Most often I had no intention of actually meeting anyone but I just wanted more of an inside scoop as to who these people were. Sometimes the interactions were thrilling and I would fantasize about actually meeting someone but I never followed through. Then at one point I was really struggling to make ends meet while paying for school and I saw an ad by a guy who just wanted to come over and blow a guy. He said he would give $100 to do just that. In and out. I was desperate and it seemed quick and easy enough. I mean hey, I love me a good blowjob too so I figured what the hell. I won't lie that it also felt so naughty and in that sense completely thrilling. Whenever I am equal parts excited and terrified for something, I generally do it. I'm a yes man for better or worse. Oh and let me tell you, I was certainly terrified. I looked through the peephole when he knocked but still jumped when I opened the door and saw him. He came in with the briefest of introductions, I brought him into my dark room, pulled down my pants and let him blow me. It felt amazing and I came in minutes. Seriously it was maybe the best blowjob I had ever had at the time. He swallowed my load, got up, handed me $100 in cash and left. It was the easiest money I had ever made and I had a great time doing it. I ended up seeing him regularly. Then eventually I posted an ad of my own to find more like him. And find more I certainly did. It was mostly men looking for the exact same thing, to blow a young hot fit straight guy. For a short time in college I even did webcam modeling and would jerk off for guys making $600 in just 2-3 hours. I don't do that anymore because I know that those videos are still out there somewhere and I'm sure I'm painfully awkward being the young kid I was and not knowing what the hell I was doing. I'm prepared to defend them though should they ever surface. But again it was all just so thrilling! I've always been a huge exhibitionist. When I was in preschool my dad had been called in numerous times because I was caught showing girls my bits and pieces. So it felt great to get naked for people and know how much it turned them on. It turned me on too. And it was great because I didn't even have to see these people or deal with them physically. Having them comment on my body was empowering and gave me even more confidence. None of this was planned but perhaps it was always fated with me being the horny bastard that I am. I have home videos from when I am 5 years old where I’m just running around the house naked constantly playing with my dick and laughing. Not much has changed. 

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Jan 14, 3:05PM EST0

Is there anyone apart from your clients who knows? Would you tell anyone?

Jan 14, 1:34PM EST0

Yes. A handful of my closest friends know and my previous girlfriend knew. 

Jan 14, 1:40PM EST0
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Your picture is very artistic, what are you a fan of in art? Who is your favourite artist?

Jan 14, 10:50AM EST0

Thank you. I'm a fan of a lot honestly in many different fields of art but I don't think a have a single favorite artist. Amongst my favorites are Ohad Naharin, Hofesh Schecter, Sidra Bell, Michelangelo, Peter Max, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo DaVinci, Andy Warhol, Pina Bausch, Vex Ashley, Emma Portner, Iyar Elezra, Igor Stravinsky, Claude Debussy, Petit Biscuit, Odesza, Maria Abramovic, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Spike Jonze, George R. R. Martin, and jesus the list could really go on forever. All of these brilliant artists have inspired me time and time again. 

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Jan 14, 1:10PM EST0
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How do you feel the morning after? Is it always the same feeling? Do you ever have any regrets?

Jan 14, 9:07AM EST0

It really depends on the person and interaction. It's just like dating, rarely do two occasions ever feel the same and of course there will be good experiences and bad experiences but rarely anything I regret nonetheless. I will say that I regret having opened this door to my previous girlfriend though. I was upfront with her about everything before we started dating and surprisingly she was very turned on by it and urged me to keep doing it. It's worth noting that we were also in an ethically nonmonogamous relationship and are two very sexually liberated people. Eventually, she wanted to participate with me. It was uneasy for me at first because I knew it could be a slippery slope and to be frank, prostitution is certainly not the way to explore your sexuality but rather express it once you've got a good grasp on it. I had voiced my concerns but she was persistent. She said the idea of it felt empowering and so I had to trust her enough to make her own choices. I didn't want to be another poster boy of the pariarchy telling a woman what she can or can't do. Anyways, it started off pretty great and we actually had a lot of fun with it. We would put on live in person shows and let people watch us and jerk off while we fucked. We were both exhibitionists in great shape with a wild sex life and loved showing off. We frequently went to sex parties for fun where we often had a crowd so needless to say it really turned us on to have people watching. Anyways, eventually for a little extra she would start to let the guys touch her, then cum on her, then we let a guy lick us while we fucked and let him suck my cum out of her at the end. She was on birth control and the only person I didn't use condoms with. Anyways, it escalated to full on threesomes. At this point it was always still very fun. Some of the guys were great and some we even became friends with and invited back without charging. It took a turn though when she started doing things on her own. She began seeing a few different guys. Some just wanted blowjobs, some wanted full on sex. It's also important to note that whenever I engage with a client, there is always a part of me that is interested and excited by either them as a person or the activity itself. If it's something or someone that I really don't want to do, then I simply don't do it regardless of how much. There are always other opportunities for money. I believe there is an important distinction being a slut and a whore. A slut is someone who loves sex and I will shout from the rooftops that I am a proud slut. But a whore is someone who gets paid to do something they don't want to do. You can work at McDonalds and hate your job and that's essentially whoring yourself out by trading your time and body just for the money. The money in sex work is unbelievable. As someone who came from nothing, I paid my way through college and funded my dreams by doing this. I have built things and donate to charities with the money I have acquired which continue to make the world a better place. However, the money can also become addictive and if you're not careful, you begin to sacrifice your dignity just for the money. This is exactly what happened with my girlfriend. She began to take on guys that she had no interest in and having meaningless sometimes repulsive sex for a bigger buck. It caught up to her eventually and really damaged her self-image. No one ever hurt her on purpose or anything and nothing ever happened without her consent but it got to a point where she had to disassociate herself from her body just to get through certain sessions. It didn't go on for long before we addressed the issue and I'm proud to say that she doesn't do it at all anymore. Like anything, it can become an addiction and it is certainly not for everyone. Some people can drink whenever they want and be fine, others should never touch a bottle because they know the dark path it will lead them to. Sex work is the same way. You have to really know yourself and be firm on your boundaries. It's always about balance and allowing it to be conducive to your healthy lifestyle, happiness, and long term goals. 

Jan 14, 10:35AM EST0

Do you have female clients?

Jan 14, 5:48AM EST0

I have never had a female client on her own but I have had several couples who hired me for either erotic massages or cuckold fantasies where my focus was entirely on the female. I have also been hired by a professional dominatrix to assist her in domming her male sub. 

Jan 14, 9:38AM EST0
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